Electronic Journal of University of Aden for Basic and Applied Sciences 2020-10-15T21:06:57+00:00 Prof. Dr. Khaled Saeed Alsweedi Open Journal Systems Front Cover 2020-10-15T21:06:57+00:00 Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohren 2020-10-15T21:06:57+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohren A NEW EXTENSION OF THE HURWITZ- LERCH ZETA FUNCTION AND PROPERTIES USING THE EXTENDED BETA FUNCTION \(B_{p,q}^{(ρ,σ,τ)}(x,y)\) 2020-10-15T09:03:02+00:00 Salem Saleh Barahmah <p style="text-align: justify;">The purpose of present paper is to introduce a new extension of Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta function by using the extended Beta function. Some recurrence relations, generating relations and integral representations are derived for that new extension.</p> 2020-09-30T13:28:18+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Salem Saleh Barahmah INVESTIGATION OF MERCURY AND TITANIUM CONTENTS IN SKIN WHITENING CREAMS COMMONLY USED IN YEMEN BY ICP-MS 2020-10-15T09:21:18+00:00 Shaif Mohamed Kasem Saleh Omeima A. Abdul Ghani Abdulaziz N. Amro Thamer S. Alraddadi <p style="text-align: justify;">In this study, ten (10) samples of skin-whitening creams were analyzed for determination of mercury and titanium. The samples were collected from various retail shops, pharmacies and beauty aid stores in the local market of Yemen. Levels of mercury and titanium in creams were determined using Inductive Coupled Plasma with Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). The concentration of mercury in the creams ranged from below 0.0167 to 47151 μg/g and that of titanium ranged from below 0.0083 to 59.442 μg/g. Fifty percent (50%) of creams samples for mercury had concentrations more than Maximum Permissible Limits by specifications of the US Food and Drug Administration’s, (USFDA), German and Canada (Maximum Acceptable Limit of 1μg/g). The use of such creams may lead to health hazards. Therefore, it is recommended that all skin whitening creams should be checked for mercury levels and other toxic metals before marketing. Further research to better understand the sources of mercury and other toxic metals in whitening creams and other cosmetic products is recommended.</p> 2020-09-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Shaif Mohamed Kasem Saleh, Omeima A. Abdul Ghani, Abdulaziz N. Amro, Thamer S. Alraddadi NATURAL PLANT SPECIES INVENTORY OF THE IMPORTANT PLANT AREAS IN ARABIAN PENINSULA: BANI OMAR, TAIZ GOVERNORATE, REPUBLIC OF YEMEN 2020-10-15T09:16:32+00:00 Abdul Wali Ahmed Al-Khulaidi Abdul Habib Al-Qadasi Othman Saad Saeed Al-Hawshabi <p style="text-align: justify;">The study area is located on the South western mountains of Republic of Yemen, It is characterized by arid and semi-arid climate with high temperatures and low average annual rainfall. The aims of this study are to explore the natural plant species of one of the Important Plant areas of Arabian Peninsula and to evaluate the chance to be a protected area. 61 sample sites covering the whole ecological zones haven been conducted. 135 plant species are found, in which 3 plant species were endemic, 7 near endemic, 29 regional endemic. The study revealed also three vegetation communities with 7 vegetation associations (vegetation types). Vegetation dominated by <em>Ficus cordata, F. sycomorus, Salvadora persica Tamarix aphylla </em>and<em> Ziziphus spina-christ</em>i were found on main wadis. Vegetation communities dominated by <em>Acacia asak, Anisotes trisulcus, Jatropha variegate </em>and <em>Zygocarpum yemenense </em>were found on rocky slopes and stony plateau.</p> 2020-09-30T19:25:04+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Abdul Wali Ahmed Al-Khulaidi, Abdul Habib Al-Qadasi, Othman Saad Saeed Al-Hawshabi ESTMAITION OF HEAVY METALS IN THE GROUNDWATER OF SELECTED AREAS FROM AL-DHALIA DISTRICT, AL-DHALIA GOV., YEMEN 2020-10-15T09:21:17+00:00 Shaif Mohamed Kasem Saleh Mohamed Muthana Taher Bassem O. Ali Saif <p style="text-align: justify;">In this research, the level of heavy metals Cadmium (Cd), Chromium (Cr), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn) in groundwater in selected areas in the region of Al-Dhalia district, Al-Dhalia Governorate, Yemen.&nbsp; Sixteen groundwater samples were collected from the study area included 9 artesian wells samples and 7 of hand-dug wells, and analyzed for the presence of heavy metals using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). The results of the analysis showed that the concentrations of Pb, Mn and Cu in most of the studied samples have exceeded the Yemeni and WHO standards for drinking water, while the concentrations of Fe, Cd, Cr and Zn in most of the studied samples were low and fall within the optimum specifications for local and WHO drinking water.</p> 2020-09-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Shaif Mohamed Kasem Saleh, Mohamed Muthana Taher, Bassem O. Ali Saif WAR THORACIC WOUNDS AMONG CIVILIANS CASUALTIES IN ADEN DURING THE 2015 2020-10-15T09:19:52+00:00 Mohamed Hasson Salem Gamal M. Khuda Bux Awadh Hudeel <p style="text-align: justify;">Thoracic injury during warfare was associated with a high incidence of morbidity and mortality. In wartime, civilians have became a direct target and accounted for one-half to two-thirds of the casualties. We aimed to highlight the incidence and pattern of thoracic injury and its outcomes management among civilians during the war in Aden.&nbsp; This retrospective study was based on the data were prospectively recorded in Medical Registry. There were 84 civilian casualties identified during the study period. Of those, 97.6% of casualties were males and 2.4% were females. The overall mean age was 30.8 ± 9.8 years (range: 10 – 65 years). Of those, 73.8% of casualties were produced by rifle bullets, while 26.2% of casualties were due to fragmentation weapons. Hemopneumothorax was the most common injury patterns. Abdomen injury was the most common associated injuries. Of those, 91.7% of casualties were treated with chest tube insertion alone. Thoracotomy was performed for 7.1% of casualties. The overall complications were 54.8%. Wound infection was the most frequent complications. The overall mortality rate was 3.6%. The overall mean hospital stay was 8.3 ± 5.9 days. We concluded that chest drain is best option for treatment the majority penetrating chest wounds.</p> 2020-09-30T20:02:37+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Mohamed Hasson Salem, Gamal M. Khuda Bux, Awadh Hudeel ERYTHROCYTES COUNTS AND MORPHOLOGY OF ACANTOCERCUS ADRAMITANUS AND CHAMELEO CALYPTRATUS CALYPTRATUS FROM YEMEN 2020-10-15T09:20:55+00:00 Yaser H. A. Obady Ola A. A. Alareeqi <p style="text-align: justify;">The aim of this study was to determine the erythrocyte and nucleus morphology of <em>Acantocercus adramitanus</em> and <em>Chameleo&nbsp; calyptratus calyptratus</em> from Yemen by means of blood smears stained with Giemsa stain. The longest and largest erythrocytes and their nucleus were observed in the smears of C.&nbsp; <em>c.</em> <em>calyptratus</em>, while the narrowest and smallest in <em>A. adramitanus</em>. In terms of the studied species, the nucleus and erythrocyte sizes were found to be correlated. No significant difference between two species lizard’s in erythrocyte count was determined. The relationship between the raw erythrocyte measurements and erythrocyte length was determined as positive correlation.</p> 2020-09-30T20:12:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Yaser H. A. Obady, Ola A. A. Alareeqi